A list of pet-friendly real estate agencies in London

A list of pet-friendly real estate agencies in London

December 5, 2016

London is a stressful city isn’t it? There aren’t many things that could take away the stress away as good as a weekend with your dog playing fetch and leaving all of the work thoughts away, or cuddling up with your cat and reading a god book while it rains outside. Pets are truly great and could help us relax a bit better, but they could also become a serious issue if you need to change house. Although London is such a vast city with plenty of housing opportunities, the truth is that only about 20% of landlord would even consider signing a tenancy agreement if they know you’ll have a pet living with you. It’s understandable that most landlords wouldn’t like letting an animal living in their properties, even if it’s a domesticated one with all the hygienic habits already in place. Pets could cause a lot of problems for both the tenant and the landlord and in some instances the smell from a cat or a dog would never entirely leave unless a full on builders or remodeling work is done.

Cleaning doesn’t help every single time and although a thorough end of tenancy cleaning would solve almost any issue with smell or pet hair around a property, there are some disastrous cases such as this one when you’ll probably need builders to remodel the house.

We aren’t here to talk about how terrible pets here though. In fact most of our associates here at FAB Cleaning own pets and have had to deal with the unpleasant task of finding a home for them and their furry friends.

The reason we decided to make a list of the best pet friendly real estate agencies in London is exactly this. Our marketing associate Emma is moving was recently looking for an apartment for her and her adorable beagle called Ear and she couldn’t find a list of such real estate agencies. So here we have a list of the top pet friendly real estate agencies and agents in London that will definitely find a property for you and your pet to live in.

First of, there’s the Lets with Pets website that we couldn’t recommend more, because of their extensive library of information on how to find the perfect property for  you and your pet and what to look for.

So here’s our list of the Best pet friendly letting agencies in London in no specific order:


Chestertons is a big letting agency which only operates in London. The company joined the pet friendly scheme in 2014 and has already seen lots of positive feedback from it’s user base. Chestertons actually offer the largest selection of pet-friendly properties in London.

Outlet Property 

Outlet Property is another example of a company that decided to become pet friendly and use it as a competitive advantage. Using this as a competitive advantage might be the reason behind their motives, but the truth is that it helps people and their pets to find a home faster and easier. Outlet Property has started offering pet friendly properties back in 2013, but that’s not the only thing they have done for pets. This real estate agency is also a supporter of the Dogs Trust and they even had a campaign that donated 5 pounds for each selfie taken with “Compton the Pug” – a picture of a pug that was posted right outside of their office.

Mountgrange Heritage

Mountgrange Heritage is yet another real estate agency that offers pet friendly accommodation for people living in London. This one in specific is really proactive in turning landlords into pet-friendly landlords. Mountgrange Heritage’s letting agents have already convinced 25% of the landlords that have signed with them to let pets in their properties and this has helped hundreds of people let their properties easier then ever. Tenants that have used the services of Mountgrange Heritage are happy to use their services, because all of the agents check whether the property of interest is pet-friendly or not and even if it isn’t listed as pet friendly they try to convince the landlords to accept tenants with pets by introducing them to one another. Things go both ways though, as tenants are required to pay two months worth of rent as a deposit, for extra insurance against the aforementioned disastrous cases which might occur with any pet.

Wills & Smerdon

Wills & Smerdon is a smaller real estate agency based in East Horsley with only one office, but they are really invested in helping pet owners to find a great home for them and their furry companions. The agency is constantly trying to increase the number of landlords that accept pets in their properties and they have been a “pet-friendly” agency officially since 2014.

Faron Sutaria

Faron Sutaria is another London based agency which has adopted the pet-friendly way of doing business. The agency has 6 offices throughout London and they are constantly trying to introduce landlords from all around the city to the benefits of being pet friendly and accepting pets such as cats and dogs in their properties. The company has actually developed a special pet-inclusive tenancy agreement that helps out build the trust between tenants and landlords.

Belvoir Bedford

Belvoir Bedford is the first London estate agency that adopted the pet-friendly model and idea. The agency might be small, but they were the first agency in London to start offering pet-friendly properties to tenants. Belvoir Bedford is actually still the only letting agency in Bedford that offers properties that are pet-friendly to tenants, which makes them the go-to agency if you are planning on living in Bedford and you own a dog or a cat.

Paul Lee and Company 

Paul Lee and Company is yet another company which will help you find a dog or cat friendly home in London. They have been part of the pet-friendly letting scheme since May 2015, but are now dedicated to introducing pet owners with pet-friendly landlords all around Primrose Hill and the NW1 postcode district, as well as some surrounding areas.


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